Read, sip and dine at Book and Borders Cafe

There’s a new themed cafe that will make every book and coffee lovers happy. This is the place where everything is relaxed and quiet and all you want to do when you walk inside the place is look for a comfortable spot, find a good book and enjoy your coffee. Book and Borders Cafe is for customers who have an appreciation for good books and equally good food and coffee.

book and borders cafe tomas morato

During the launch, celebrities like Benjamin Alves, Karylle, and Venus Raj joined the celebration. There were games and some were able to make their own coffee concoction.

book and borders cafe

Ning of and Venus Raj made their latte art

Karylle at book and borders cafe

with Karylle

Kaylle and Benjamin Alves are the cafe’s brand ambassadors. They are both book lovers and represent what the cafe wants to promote very well; which is to encourage the habit of reading as well as indulging in one’s love for coffee.

book and borders menu

Book and Borders Menu

Check out Book and Borders Cafe’s very straightforward menu. Aside from delicious muffins, breads, cupcakes, pies, tarts, squares, doughnuts, and cakes (Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake), Book and Borders also serves more filling menu options like pasta (Truffle Mushroom Pasta, Tuyo Pasta), sandwiches (Beef Pastrami Panini), even salad and breakfast options. For drinks, there’s coffee of course, in a variety of options, as well as refreshing smoothies for hot days. They use milk cubes for their cold drinks instead of ice cubes so that the flavor won’t be diluted.

book and borders cafe tomas morato quezon city


Visit Book and Borders Cafe at 281 Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Follow them on Instagram (@bookandborderscafe) and Twitter  (@bookandborders).



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