Sip, read, relax at Book and Borders Cafe Eastwood

What’s your me-time looks like? Aside from going to the spa, working out, or just blogging, I also look forward to having quiet time while having coffee. With this newly opened urban cafe in Eastwood, I think I want to hang out all day and enjoy good food, awesome coffee, and fun books.

book and borders cafe eastwood

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Read, sip and dine at Book and Borders Cafe

There’s a new themed cafe that will make every book and coffee lovers happy. This is the place where everything is relaxed and quiet and all you want to do when you walk inside the place is look for a comfortable spot, find a good book and enjoy your coffee. Book and Borders Cafe is for customers who have an appreciation for good books and equally good food and coffee.

book and borders cafe tomas morato

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