Quality and reasonable healthcare at University Physicians Medical Center (UPMC)

Healthcare is one of the most expensive necessity here in our country. Generally, if we want expert doctors and state-of-the-art facilities, we will go to leading hospitals in the country but it also means that we have to shell out a bit more. What if I tell you that there’s a one-stop health facility here in our country that houses expert medical practitioners affiliated with UP College of Medicine and Philippine General Hospital (PGH) and has advanced and reasonably priced diagnostic technology? It’s the University Physicians Medical Center (UPMC) within the UP-PGH compound.

The University Physicians Medical Center (UPMC) is a private outpatient diagnostic and surgical facility situated within the newly-renovated UPM-PGH Faculty Medical Arts Building (FMAB).

Personally, I dislike going to hospitals (who does anyway?) It’s like I’m most likely to catch a virus when I go there. I only go to a hospital for doctor’s consultation when I’m sick, for daughter’s pedia visits, or visiting an admitted family/friend. When I was pregnant, I chose to go to a small diagnostic/multi-specialty clinic near our place just to avoid that “hospital smell” and to avoid queuing. And when it’s time for obligatory tests for preggies like ultrasound, OGCT, congenital anomaly scan, I just have to go to their laboratory downstairs and have all my tests done. Fast and hassle-free, right?

UPMC offers the same hassle-free services to its patients too, but UPMC’s equipments are more advanced so it will yield faster and more accurate readings, plus you will be taken cared of by the experts. Yes, after my UPMC tour, it’s nothing but raves about this medical facility, and this comes from someone who has a pet peeve on hospitals.

UPMC lobby

As you walk into the lobby, you will be greeted by the smell of coffee (not hospital smell :p), Figaro is beside the entrance. From there, there’s the reception if you don’t know where to go, and there’s a queing system where you’ll get your number. Sit, relax, watch TV, buy coffee while waiting for your number to be flashed on the screen.

Centralized queing system

I love the fact that I don’t have to go to different floors when processing medical records. The HMO, cashier, releasing of results are all in the same area.

UPMC is presently accredited with 21 HMOs and 5 insurance companies

One unique feature about UPMC is their Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) where they offer same-day surgery. Right after that, doctors can send the patient home if there are no complications. This saves a lot of money because patients will only  have to pay for the OR Facility, doctor’s professional fee and medicines. In conventional hospital setting, additional expenses will include room fees and food, aside from that it’s time-consuming and the patient has more chances of contracting an infection during the hospital stay.

recovery room where patients stay after surgery

Other services available at UPMC include a fully automated laboratory, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Cardiovascular, Pharmacy, Industrial Clinic and Occupational Health, IV Therapy and Physical Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine.


UPMC have new state-of-the-art equipments but they charge a lot cheaper than private hospitals. Like for Digital Mammography, it’s only Php 999, this promotion is until July 15, 2013. For the dialysis, they have an ACCESS Program in which you get a free dialysis treatment (5+1 program).

Living up to its name of a one-stop facility, UPMC has its own Food Plaza at the second floor which offers plenty of food choices.

Food Plaza at the second floor

So if you have health concerns that need medical attention, visit UPMC, call 708-0000, or visit their website at http://upmc.net.ph/.

Discolosure: I was invited by UPMC through Nuffnang Philippines for a tour on their facilities but all opinions are mine.


  1. This is what i miss most about the Philippines. Medical service is of high-quality, doctors and nurses are up to their profession, and most of all, the cost is reasonable.

    Thank you for sharing!


    Badet Reply:

    Oh yes. Filipino doctors are one of the best!


  2. With the kind of economy we have now, it’s good to know that there’s a reasonably priced hospital with advanced diagnostic technology and facilities here in our country.


  3. an affordable healthcare is really something our government should strive to provide not only in Manila or the nearby areas, but more so in the far flung areas in the provinces. it is, after all, a person’s basic right to have access to medical services. kudos to the people at UPMC for bringing high-quality medical services in the country. hopefully they will get to open different branches in the country, too


  4. never been to UPMC yet but this hospital looks good. I


  5. ako I love going to hospitals.. that is if maganda ung hospital hahaha

    how much kaya they charge for tubal ligation?


  6. I only heard about UPMC when we were invited by Nuffnang for a hospital tour last June, and honestly, I’m really impressed! The place is clean and well-equipped, and their services are quite affordable.


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