Prepare for the New Arrival: Packing the Labour Bag

Whether you’re almost at term and getting impatient for the big arrival or you’re a little more organised and making sure you have everything ready to go, just in case, packing your labour bag is something that needs to be done in advance rather than in one mad rush as contractions start.

If you’re a first time mum, you may be completely overwhelmed with what should be put into a labour bag. Everyone’s choices differ, and while some people pack the bare necessities, others end up taking more than one bag to cover every eventuality. If you live near to the hospital, and your partner or family member will be popping back home between visits, you could always ask them to bring in some bits if you’re running low on supplies to save you overpacking the labour bag with everything but the kitchen sink.

Remember that you don’t just have to think of the new baby, but you have to consider what you will need too. Whether you’re in hospital following the birth for just a few hours or whether you’re asked to stay in overnight or more, there’s bound to be some essentials that you and baby will need. The sooner you have these ready to go, the better!

For the Baby

  • Baby clothes are essential and there’s nothing better for a brand new baby than simple babygros and sleepsuits. You’ll likely be changing them quite regularly during the first couple of days and George baby clothes provide some excellent options for affordable prices.
  • Nappies and plenty of them! You may think you’ll only need a few but you’ll find you will get through many more than you expected, especially with the first meconium nappies that are always delightful to change. You may be planning on using reusable nappies at home, but disposable ones are much easier to sort when you’re in hospital. Make sure you take plenty of baby wipes too.
  • A going home outfit, for when you’re both discharged, will ensure that baby is warm and cosy in their car seat.
  • Muslin squares are excellent little additions to the labour bag, to mop up spills and to protect your clothing when burping your new arrival.

For You

  • A couple of changes of clothes so that you can freshen up and feel a little more like yourself before you come home
  • Plenty of disposable pants and maternity pads
  • Slippers or slipper socks if you plan on walking around the ward
  • Some entertainment – a book, mp3 player, tablet computer or similar to keep you busy if you’re there overnight or longer
  • A hairbrush and toiletries – even the simplest of things like brushing your hair or putting some mascara on can make you feel more like yourself following the birth
  • Earplugs are also really handy if you find yourself on a busy ward overnight.

It’s up to the individual what gets packed into their hospital bag. Whatever you do, don’t forget the car seat for the journey home! 

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