Pink Fortune accessories 2011

Pink Fortune is now stocked with new accessories for 2011. I sent some of the new items at the Bloggers United bazaar last week. I uploaded a few at the Multiply site, I’m just sneaking taking photos while Gwen is asleep that’s why the slow uploading. I actually considered stopping selling accessories and just sell what’s left of my stocks but when I visited my supplier’s shop, I can’t help but share these beauties…

Fall in love with this Love Connector ring…

Love Connector Ring

New earrings too, from cutesy Kokeshi doll earrings, mix & match earrings and moissanite earrings

Kokeshi Doll earrings

Mix & Match earrings

See you at my Multiply shop girls…


  1. OMG they are absolutely lovely! Patay na naman ang allowance ko. Hehe :))



  1. badet says:

    Pink Fortune accessories 2011

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