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I had successful withdrawals from Paypal on all of my online transactions. Indeed, Paypal is the easiest way to send and receive money to those who have online shops and virtual jobs. Even paid blogging and pay-per-click sites use Paypal as their mode of payment.

My dilemma, I recently updated all my bank accounts from my maiden name to my married name. Thus, affecting the bank details linked to my Paypal account. Paypal requires that your Paypal account name and bank account name should be the same, which translates to be a big problem for me. I asked help to their customer support and I hope that Name Change in Paypal is not as complicated as I deem to be.

I’m thinking of just opening a new account using my married name and updated bank details but I would have to go through the verification process once again. And I have to use the same credit card I used in my first Paypal account, which might present another conflict. Another option is to keep using my old account with my maiden name, and apply for a Union Bank EON account and just link this to my present account. Hmmm, one of the difficulties of womanhood I guess…

Can someone help me? Does Paypal permits one person to have 2 different accounts? Thanks in advance for the help…

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  1. Hi Badudets!

    from paypal help:

    Can I register a credit card on more than one PayPal account?

    Question :Can I register a credit card on more than one PayPal account?
    Answer :
    No. For your security, you can register a credit card on just one PayPal account at a time. You may, however, register several different credit cards on a single PayPal account.

    If your credit card was registered to a different PayPal account, you need to log in to the previous account and remove the card before adding it to your new account. To remove credit cards from your account click Profile at the top of the page and click the Credit Cards link in the Financial Information column.

    “***** You can have multiple paypal accounts but a 1 credit card is for 1 paypal account.. ” abby

    Can I have multiple PayPal accounts?
    Yes. You can have one Personal account and one Premier or Business account. You can add more email addresses, debit or credit cards, and bank accounts to your account, but each account must have it’s own email address and financial information. You can also upgrade your Personal account to a Premier or Business account.

    but i think this is the for you :

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    * Can I have multiple PayPal accounts?
    * Can I register a credit card on more than one PayPal account?

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    How do I change the name on my Personal/Premier PayPal account?

    You can change the name on your account if it’s misspelled or if you’ve legally changed your name. However, you can’t change the name on your account to another person’s name.

    To change the name on your account, please submit a request through our secure form.



  2. ~*~ Badet ~*~ says

    Hi Abby,

    Thank you for your answer. I already sent an email to Paypal 2 days ago about this and still waiting for their reply.

    The “Secure Form” is not working nga eh. =(


  3. PLEASE! Read your Paypal User Agreement amendments, which NOW allows ebay/Paypal to withhold your funds, at their “sole discretion” for 21-180 days!!!!

    Paypal is no longer safe for those who need continuous access to their funds.

    You can thank previous ebay CEO, Meg Whitman and current CEO, John Donahoe, for that and literally hundres of other detrimental changes. Search the internet for “Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe CEO Petition” to learn what other users are saying.


  4. Sunnysideup says

    thanks for blogging about this. I’m a newbie and still learning about blogging. hope your paypal gets fixed soon.


  5. bounty hunter says

    i send money using in my paypal account but after 5 business days i did not recieved any amount..plss tell me what mistakes i have done..


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