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I know this is not the right time to think about weight loss due to my pregnancy but I can’t help it. With my monstrous appetite at only 4 months, I expect to become bigger in the coming months. But I don’t have to worry on weight loss come next year because aside from breastfeeding which can contribute in helping me back to shape, I’m determined to continue and be serious about running. Besides, I bookmarked a particular site for future reference that discusses all about fast weight loss diet.

This is fairly a new site but I hope new interesting articles and diet tips will be published soon. I agree with what the author is saying about weight loss is about counting calories. It’s counting the calories you take in and also counting the calories burned through exercise. I like the fact that the author is also not into fad diets which are very common nowadays giving a lot of people falso hopes on their dream bodies or body weight. One advantage of the site is it doesn’t prohibit you in including your favorite foods when making a diet plan, just keeping everything in moderation, that’s what balanced diet is all about anyway. And still, the secret for a beautiful and healthy body, is diet and exercise.


  1. Hi, i also had the same feeling when i was pregnant a year ago. I used to wait 49kls before my pregnancy, i reached about 67kls just before i gave birth and the saddest part was i was never able to put my 49kls back. i now stopped loosing weight at 54kls.

    i think breast feeding is one good way to help you put back your previous weight which i really never had a chance to do. my son refused my milk because he got used to feeding bottles when he was still in the nursery for one week, sigh!

    Please visit my blog, ill put your link on my blog roll, lets exchange comments.


  2. booh-lah-gah!

    hi, badudets! ‘s been a long time since I visited ur blog, ‘s good to be back here!

    i am also on a weight loss diet. actually i am on my 12th day of eating no rice. im kinda happy with the results. http://www.iamnicely.com/2010/08/my-weeklong-weight-loss-diet.html (check here)

    here’s my diet blog rin, wala lang. just in case, you have the time to drop by.

    happy pregnancy!


  3. Naku ako pumapayat naman kahit papano kakahabol kay Sean


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