Oh Ray-Ban sunglasses

Sunglasses nowadays are not only used as an eye protection from the sun but for fashion purposes as well. You can even see people wearing sunglasses inside the mall or even in clubs. I still wear sunglasses only when I’m outside though, I’m all for comfort and function instead of looking fashionable.

Trends in sunglasses come and go, remember those oversized sunnies that cover your entire face popularized by Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, etc? Well, it’s nice to own some trendy pieces but for me, I’d rather invest on a good one. And I’m sticking with the classic, Ray-Ban sunglasses.

I love the classic styles of their wayfarers…

ray-ban aviator sunglasses

Add some ooohmp with the Jackie Ohh sunglasses…

Ray-ban Jackie Ohh sunglasses

And yes, men in aviators look handsome…

Brad Pitt wearing aviators

How about you? What’s your preferred brand or style?

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