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Have you ever searched for something for sale in the internet, found it to be available but when you looked for its location, it’s located in a far-flung place that it’s impossible for you to go to? Such is the case of other online listings but AyosDito.ph is different, you can search for listings at your chosen region or area only. This makes it easier in narrowing down searches to what is essential and what is only useful to the prospective buyers.

AyosDito.ph sample listings

I once used the site when I helped my relative post their house for rent in Las Pinas. They got a lot of inquiries and later on, their property was occupied in no time. This site was my first choice when I was tasked to post their property because I can also see a lot of property listings compared to other sites. But aside from property, there are a plethora of other things for sale such as mobile phoones, video cameras, digital cameras such as Nikon d60.

So if you’re eyeing something to buy or planning to sell something, post it at one of the best online classifieds in the web right now. AyosDito.ph is a great way to compare prices, no need to go to the malls, it’s like window-shopping with a click of the mouse.

One can also contact the seller for other inquiries easily, like if you have questions or clarifications about Nikon d60 that you want to buy. You can do so before buying.



  1. I used this site to check for digital cameras as well, and the results were overwhelmingly satisfying. And it’s true that it’s great to do our window shopping online in the comforts of our home instead of going out where the weather is just unpredictable! 🙂


  2. Ayos Dito is my hubby’s favorite site to visit whenever he is looking for something.


  3. Been rading good reviews about this site…My hubby likes buying stuff online especially when we’re home, will surely check this out…Thanks for the input!


  4. Nice post momi jes



  1. badet says:

    location-specific ads at AyosDito http://bit.ly/jfC3zT

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