How to get rid of back acne or bacne

I’m blessed with clear skin even on my puberty days, on my face that is. But as the cliche goes, nobody’s perfect and so is my skin. I had back acne or bacne since high school days. Hence, wearing backless gowns during prom nights is a no-no for me because I’m too conscious with the pimple marks at my back. Years passed and I just carried on with wearing clothes hiding my back, even my swimsuits must be closed at the back part.

how to treat back acne/bacne

Few years ago, I tried several options on how to treat back acne or bacne. I read that scrubbing and exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells and oil build-up at the back. Well, I always use a sponge lily or a loofah when I take a bath so exfoliating is really part of my regimen. I listed other things on how I tackled my bacne problem.

How to treat back acne/bacne:

  1. Try having a back facial at a facial salon or spa. Years ago, I tried this service at Forever Flawless and it involves pricking. It hurts but back cleaning helped in drying up the pimples on my back.
  2. Back peeling will remove the skin’s outer layer and diminish pimple marks. I also had this service at Forever Flawless, the burning sensation of back peeling made me uncomfortable but the new skin is really a fresh start in maintaining a pimple-free back. The downside of this process is the maintenance phase, you have to repeat the process monthly or whenever necessary.
  3. Dry your hair thoroughly after shower and don’t let the excess water drip at your back. This can clog your pores and may result to pimples.
  4. Switch to organic shampoo and conditioner. Or you might want to try other brands and hair products. You might be allergic to certain ingredients on your hair products that cause back acne.

I tried all these four ways on treating my bacne but the most successful tip so far is changing my commercial shampoo to organic one, I use Human Heart Nature shampoo and conditioner and zits on my back disappeared. I used Pantene before by the way. So before undergoing expensive treatments for your back acne, try the most simple and inexpensive step first.


  1. OMG! My sister had a lot of bacne and she dont know what to do, I’ll recommend this post to her.. I sure she gonna love this.

    Thanks for sharing this article, it’s very informative and useful. 🙂


  2. Personally, I’ve never had bacne. I’m thankful for that! But I know my boyfriend does and he’s even self-conscious about it. I think I’ll pass along these tips to him. I do have a question though. Does organic shampoo cost more than regular shampoos? Because I’ve heard organic food costs more than regular food, so I’m applying the same principle lol.


    hbgeek Reply:

    Definitely not always the case, like Human Heart Nature organic shampoo, they are reasonably priced.



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