How to get rid of back acne or bacne

I’m blessed with clear skin even on my puberty days, on my face that is. But as the cliche goes, nobody’s perfect and so is my skin. I had back acne or bacne since high school days. Hence, wearing backless gowns during prom nights is a no-no for me because I’m too conscious with the pimple marks at my back. Years passed and I just carried on with wearing clothes hiding my back, even my swimsuits must be closed at the back part.

how to treat back acne/bacne

Few years ago, I tried several options on how to treat back acne or bacne. I read that scrubbing and exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells and oil build-up at the back. Well, I always use a sponge lily or a loofah when I take a bath so exfoliating is really part of my regimen. I listed other things on how I tackled my bacne problem.

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