Ebenezeer’s Kebabs and Pizzeria at Prat Avenue, TST

On our 6th day in Hong Kong, we were seriously hankering for some rice and a different kind of cuisine. We got tired eating noodles and Paisano’s pizza no matter how delicious it is. So I suggested that we look for Ebenezeer’s for some kebabs and curry. They have two branches in TST, one in Ashley Road and another one in Prat Avenue. We went to their Prat Avenue branch.

ebenezeers prat avenue tst

ebenezeers tsim sha tsui branch

The staff immediately assisted us with our orders. He even informed us that they have a lunch hour promo and that we should order that instant because the promo will end at 5 pm.

ebenezeers chicken curry

Chicken Curry with Rice, 53 HKD

Someone got really happy that their Chicken Curry comes with a cup of rice, haha. Aside from that, the chicken is boneless so it’s a joy to eat. The curry sauce is spiced just right, spicy and flavorful.

ebenezeers chicken kebab

Gyros (Chicken Kebab), 60 HKD

Can you see how those generous bits of chicken, veggies, and dressing are neatly rolled up into one bundle of gastronomic delight? I tasted bits of chicken and I can say that it’s well seasoned. But I still miss having a generous amount of sauce with my kebab. I haven’t asked though if they have garlic sauce available in the restaurant.

garlic naan ebenezeers

Garlic Naan, 20 HKD

We ordered Garlic Naan for Gwen and she liked it. She even ate another one while waiting for our flight back home.

Ebenezeer’s is one happy discovery while we’re in Hong Kong. Make sure to visit one of their branches during your stay for some good kebabs and curries.

ebenezeers prat avenue

Ebenezeer’s Kebabs & Pizzeria
Multifield Plaza
3-7A Prat Avenue
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong



  1. Nice one great food here………….


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