Dunlop bloated tire

I suddenly remembered that I wasn’t able to post the photo of our weird looking Dunlop bloated tire. This tire mishap happened last August and we still can’t get over it until now, we’re still keeping the tire in our car and just yesterday, we showed it at the Tire Center at S&R. They said that it’s a common problem among Dunlop tires.

Just looking at the bump is really scary, we’re really thankful that we got past Edsa when we noticed that the car is wobbling. The staff at the tire center said that the internal structure was damaged, perhaps when we hit a bump in the road. They also advised us to just maintain a pressure of 30, over inflating might also cause this.

Since we had a bad experience on Dunlop tires, we’ll try other tire brands. We need to buy a spare tire, but I suggested to buy a heavy duty one that can withstand the condition of our poor roads here in the Philippines. If only we can use those RZR XP Accessories for our car, but something as sturdy, reliable and dependable like the ones used in ATV will be great.

Be safe on the road everyone!


  1. Glad you’re safe. Before anything else happens (wag naman), you may want to replace it with a much more reliable one. As our church leader once said, okay na mahal basta matibay naman.


  2. it’s a good thing that it never happened with our tires, this is the first time i saw a bloated tire, i will let my husband see this too


  3. It’s fortunate that nothing bad happened. Checking the tires from time to time is really important.


  4. Now, I know better to stick to my Yokohamas 🙂
    Thank God you’re safe…


    Badet Reply:

    Are Yokohama tires good? We’re considering that brand…


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