Cosmic Kidz, Kids Universe at Mall of Asia

Cosmic Kidz is another attraction specifically for kids at the Kids Universe in Mall of Asia. A huge playground awaits kids, an hour-long of playtime is not enough so be prepared when your kids beg you for an extension of play. Rates are pretty stiff though, and unlike Active Fun where accompanying adults are free, Cosmic Kid charges adults too and implements a one adult per kid policy.

Cosmic Kidz entrance

Cosmic Kids admission rates:

30-Minute Play – P180
One Hour Play – P250
Unlimited Play – P480
Extension (every 30 Minutes) – P180
Adult Pass (1 adult per kid) = P120
Socks – P30

I accompanied my 3-year-old nephew at Cosmic Kidz, I came with my flip flops and they required me to buy socks or I will not be allowed inside. The Php 30 socks sucks, it’s like a disposable one! Better bring your own next time or buy a good quality one inside SM Department Store so you can use it again.

When I said Cosmic Kidz is “huge”, it means it has 4 or 5 stories of playground space for your kids. I was completely exhausted chasing my nephew inside. Areas/levels are divided depending on activities and kids’ ages.

First level is for toddlers:

Plasma pool

Rubber Boat

Second level has educational toys, gadgets and musical instruments…

kiddie computer

mind stimulating toys

musical toys

There are also play areas where kids can jump up and down in a pool covered with balloons and balls…

balloons play area

Higher levels are really for kids ages 7 and up, especially the very steep slide.

steep slide

Make sure that you watch out for your kids’ safety when inside the playground because the watchers inside can’t really pay attention to all those kids. Besides, the area has so many loops and mazes that’s difficult to get by for an adult.

If you don’t intend to accompany your child inside Cosmiz Kidz, you might want to chill out at The Creamery and enjoy Selecta concoctions while waiting for your child.

If your kids are still begging for more play, you can check out other attractions outside Mall of Asia, San Miguel by the Bay area and try WOW Balls.

Cosmic Kidz

Kids Universe

South Park Building of Mall of Asia


  1. wow this is fun !


  2. Not recommended. It was too big for my little bro-in-law. He spent 1 hr exact inside and only played in, I think, two of all five major areas. Some areas had too many kids and seems unsafe since many kids ran around so fast. And the entrance fee was so high for the both of us. I would take my bro-in-law to a smaller indoor playground next time.


  3. It’s really fun playing here!!!But I am kinda worried when my cousin went to the 1st floor while I’m in the 2nd floor.I got tired after we play…..Word of advice:Bring water jugs with your name on it ’cause you will get thirsty while playing 😀


  4. what’s the website of cosmic kidz


  5. is there party packages for cosmic kidz??


  6. naaksidente ang anak ko sa cosmic kids mall of asia. do you have their contact details. tinataguan ako ng mga staffs pag nagpupunta ako.
    please help


    Badet Siazon Reply:

    I’m so sorry to hear this Milanie. I don’t have their contact details unfortunately, and I’m not affiliated with them.



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