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I’ve been a contact lens user for the past 10 years. I prefer wearing them instead of glasses because I can look and feel like a person with 20/20 vision. But for my eyes to take a rest, I still wear my glasses whenever I’m at home. And for my contacts, I’m still conservative, I always go for the transparent ones. Yes, boring, but colored contact lenses is too artificial. And I have brown-colored skin so sporting a blue eyes with this skin tone is really unbelievable.

Last year, Korean colored contact lenses were a hit especially to younger ones. They’re cheap and fashionable. Even online sellers can sell these online even if they are not licensed eye practitioners. Good thing, they are now being regulated. I’ve heard of horrifying stories of wearing Korean contact lenses gone bad. So people, love your eyes! Do not buy from unreliable sources. If it’s cheap, then it’s too good to be true.

From 10 years of using contact lenses, I’ve tried different brands and Air Optix is my current fave. My eyes can breathe, and although it says extended wear, I always make it a point to remove them at night.

I always go to a reliable store in the mall to buy them. I cannot ever sacrifice something especially my eyes to hole-in-the-wall eye glasses/contact lenses store. If you’re too busy to go to the mall and wait for your contact lenses, buy from a reliable online store, I tried ordering glasses online in the past year and good thing buying contact lenses can also be done online. You can even search for 1800Contacts promo codes for additional discounts or free shipping.


  1. I wish i could wear contact lenses, but due to my poor eye sight I’ve been told I can’t. I really love those fashion lenses… ugh, not even prescription hard lenses can help my eyes :/


  2. I have been visually impaired since I was 7, and I’ve started wearing contact lenses when I was in high school. I like wearing colored lenses though, just some browns and grays ’cause it gives the eyes an oomph. But I admit, clear lenses are the most comfy to wear! 🙂 I haven’t tried the Air Optix brand though. I’ll look for it when my lenses expire 😉


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