CitiGlobal Realty and Development Offers Land Partnership

Do you own a piece of land but don’t have an idea what to make out of it? Or perhaps you have a plan but you don’t have a budget to realize your vision? Most people would say that real estate is a very good investment, owning a piece of land will surely make your money grow. But this is not always the case and to some landowners, they just sell their properties to recover losses and they just sell it at a lesser value.

Landowners, you can earn more with land partnerships. Land partnership is a collaboration between land owners and developers so that they get to cash in on the income produced by the developed properties.

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Land Partnership with CitiGlobal

CitiGlobal Realty and Development, Inc. believes in the potential of Philippine real estate for community developments. CitiGlobal looks for properties such as raw lands and beachfront properties from 2 to 2,000 hectares, and prime areas in Metro Manila from 400 square meters and up. Through partnership, CitiGlobal as developer will develop these raw lands to become innovative master-planned communities such as condominiums, residential subdivisions, hotels, beach resorts, memorial parks or commercial and mixed-use developments.

For instance, the cost of a beachfront property in Batangas is assessed by the size pertaining to the area per square meter, but upon partnership with CitiGlobal, the landowner can earn four times up to ten times more than the original price. Thus, the original land value increases and landowners shall benefit in the long run.

citiglobal offers land partnership

Upon the agreement between a landowner and a CitiGlobal representative, the landowner can generate profit by choosing one of two options: by sharing property income or by ownership of units which they can sell or lease.

CitiGlobal is open and very flexible with potential partners, with the end in view of forging harmonious partnerships that are both beneficial and rewarding to all parties.

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