Choosing the right BB cream

With so many BB creams (Blemish Balm creams) out there, it’s difficult to choose the right BB cream that’s perfect for your skin and needs. I ordered different BB cream samples too but like many other BB cream fanatics, I have yet to try other brands to see what’s best for my skin. In Korea, consumers are lucky because Korean stores are generous on giving samples so they don’t have to spend in trying out products. Here in the Philippines, those samples are sell for Php 50-Php 200 pesos but it’s better than buying the whole tube which costs a little over a thousand. My fave seller of BB creams from Multiply, Trinketi, made a chart that can help you choose the BB cream that’s right for your skin. It’s very helpful that I have to ask permission from her to repost this in my blog. Please click the photos for larger view.

Determine your skin shade:

determine your skin shade

determine your skin shade

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