The Spa’s Purity Facial with Organics

After my relaxing The Spa Reflexology treatment, I’m up for a luxurious facial treat with Purity Facial with Organics. I was asked to change into robes, I can also take a shower first because the facial will also cover the lower parts of my neck.

The Spa Trinoma has lockers and shower facilities

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Two thumbs up for The Spa Reflexology

I got invited to try The Spa’s newest treatment, The Spa Reflexology. Being a spa and massage addict, I immediately booked an appointment at their Trinoma branch since my body is yearning for some pampering and relaxation.

The Spa Reflexology is the latest offering from The Spa and it’s only for Php 550! You might think that this is already expensive for just a foot massage but read on to find out that this is in fact a whole body massage after all.

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Diamond Peel at Cathy Valencia

I rarely jump from one facial center to another, I’m afraid that I’ll get allergic reactions from other medicines of different clinics. Besides, if I’m happy with the results, then why look for something else. This is why I always get my facials at Forever Flawless in SM North Edsa, I ‘m addicted with their masks included in the facial. But I’m always curious about diamond peel, however, diamond peels at Forever Flawless starts at around Php 3k.

When I saw deal on diamond peel at Cathy Valencia from Beeconomic for only Php 1,155, I immediately bought one voucher. Cathy Valencia treatments are expensive and since some of their clients are celebrities like Cristine Reyes, they must be good!

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Brazilian Waxing 101: My Lay Bare waxing salon experience

Two years ago, I bought Strip It cold wax in Multiply and DIY-ed my Brazilian. If you read my post, I’m not comfortable having another person do the procedure. But since last year, I just go to Lay Bare SM The Block branch to get a Brazilian. I realized that it’s a pain in the neck to do this all by myself, and then I always end up with a messy one because I can’t see everything, lol!

Here’s one thing I’m sure of, once you go bald, you’ll never ever coming back to being hairy again *winks*. It feels so fresh and clean down there.

For those who are curious and been wanting to try Brazilian waxing, here are a few tips and what to expect. I’m not sure if the procedure is the same with other waxing salons like The Strip, etc… I’ve only been to Lay Bare SM The Block branch.

Brazilian Waxing 101:

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Another pampering session at Beauty and Butter

Whenever I need some R&R, I often go to Beauty and Butter, SM San Lazaro branch. Foot spa and a facial is just what I need to refresh. So when I got the opportunity for a free pampering session at Beauty & Butter, I definitely grabbed it. I chose SM San Lazaro branch to have a foot spa and nail art.

Ipad for customers

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Butter up at Beauty and Butter

Don’t you just love facials? Count me in, 2 years ago, I was plagued with severe acne because of allergic reactions but good thing, a few trips to Dermclinic cleared my skin. Facials from Dermclinic involves pricking which I always wanted to skip. i just love the massage and masks part during facials. Beauty & Butter heard my plea when I had my facial at their Megamall branch.

Beauty & Butter, SM Megamall

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