Avida Land’s Homepossible: Inspiring talks from the #LIFEspiration Conference

Staying true to its tagline, Inspiring Lives, Avida Land recently held the Homepossible: Lifespiration conference at the Fairmont Hotel, with speakers inspiring the audience to look at life with a fresh and realistic perspective. It was not just about inspiring the audience with the glossy aspect of their journeys, but also preparing their expectation of the real challenges that may arise.

Living the Dream Life

But first, let me ask you what is your idea of a “dream life”? A lot of you might think of one word, “success”. But success is vague and subjective. Others measure success with how much money you earned, while others measure with how much stamps you have in your passport. Personally, my dream life is to be able to secure my family’s future while still enjoying life at present. I don’t need that much money, just enough for my child’s education, for paying our bills, and a little extra for simple pleasures in life (fulfilling our wanderlust). My dream life is a simple balanced life.

Homepossible: Lifespiration is a reflection of the lifestyle that Avida Land offers in its various projects – a lifestyle that strikes the balance between work and living life, including pursuing passions.

Let these thought leaders help you gain fresh perspectives to get your #LIFEspiration on track.

Reese Fernandez-Ruiz of Rags 2 Riches – Inspiring Communities

Reese Fernandez Ruiz avida land lifespiration

Social entrepreneur Reese Fernandez-Ruiz of Rags 2 Riches inspired the crowd with the fairy tale-like story of her brand that was developed with the women of Payatas, a dumpsite in Metro Manila.

“It is good to hear about the good stuff, but no success happens overnight. With Rags 2 Riches, we did not do it overnight, it took us seven years to be where the brand is today,” said Fernandez-Ruiz, adding that hard-work, dedication, and faith are the three things that really helped them succeed.

Aside from a success story in business, Fernandez-Ruiz sees the story of Rags 2 Riches as an inspiration for people who want to create a positive impact on their communities. The business model of Rags 2 Riches was not only praised for its keen business sense, but more for its social inclusiveness that created highly dignified jobs for the lower segments of society.

“Living your dream life is not just about you, it can also be in a way that by living your dream life, you also let others live the lives they only once dreamed about,” said Fernandez-Ruiz.

Rose Fres-Fausto – Inspiring Family Life

avida land homepossible

The dream life that most people pursue can only be possible when the household is able to balance its finances, according to PhilStar.com columnist and financial literacy expert Rose Fres-Fausto said during her talk.

“The dream life is not just about working hard all your life or just spending endlessly. While that may seem exciting, it will just be a short-lived dream life. It is important that we live within our means, but it is also important that we enjoy the fruits of our labor,” Fres-Fausto said.

One of the points stressed upon by Fres-Fausto is making the children part of the financial planning of the family. “Teach them early and they will be actively part of the process even as they grow up,” Fres-Fausto added.

Fritz Villafuerte – Inspiring Start

fritz villafuerte avida land homepossible

While a lot of people are focused on pursuing their passions, very few realize that it entails a lot of discipline.

“Young people do not usually see the value of a budget system and will fall into a debt trap,” financial analyst Fritz Villafuerte said.

Analyzing and understanding of one’s cash flow is integral in budgeting. And for those who are swamped in debt, Villafuerte also offered a method he dubbed as debt snowballing – a process wherein an exact amount of money is allocated in the budget.

“Balancing the budget is the first step to be able to living the dream life,” Villafuerte said.

Eden April David – Inspiring Millenial Life

Eden April Dayrit avida land homepossible

If most people would stick with the jobs that their degrees in the university would dictate, it was the exact opposite for Eden April David, who ventured into the buy-and-sell of real estate property despite her engineering degree.

“It is something that I have always wanted to do, and the circumstances around me when I made the jump did not exactly allow for me to commit mistakes,” David said. “There were a lot of challenges when I started even my family was disappointed with my decision. I persevered and I have shown everyone that I am now happier where I am.”

Top #LIFEspiration Tips from Homepossible Thought Leaders

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