A new breed of social network

First, it was Friendster. Then MySpace, Multiply, Hi5, etc… Now it’s Facebook mania. But let’s face it, plenty of friends I know who are into Facebook are only hooked with its games and not by it’s ability to connect you with friends. Back when Friendster is all the hype, I would rejoice if I found a classmate way back elementary years. Thank God for technology, it surely finds ways to connect people. Until now, social networks are being used as another source of medium to advertise, campaign and connect other people.

Another type of social network is a social learning network called Course Hero. This type of network specifically caters to college students and professors as a platform to share learning materials depending on their courses. It’s like having a study group online. For example, for a Biology course, students can share BIO Lecture Note with other students and as well as professors. It’s a big help for students especially those who missed their classes and want to catch up with the lectures. If students have a BIO Test coming up, maybe they can arrange a study group to support each other throughout the course.

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