5 Tips to maintaining your coffee maker

There is no better to start your day than a nice hot shower and after that, a warm cup of coffee. These things are considered necessary to many to get the strength and energy that is needed to get through the day. In turn, a good coffee machine is something that you should consider investing in. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big expense but it should be a decision you research before making. Think about it like this, if you buy a cup of coffee daily, you will be spending a lot of unnecessary money. However, if you spend a good amount on a quality machines, that investment will  soon be paid off. Additionally, by not buying coffee in a coffee shop, you will be preparing your coffee with the ingredients that you prefer and know the quality of those ingredients. Keep in mind that having a coffee machine is not only that, it is important that you know how to operate it properly and how to give it proper maintenance. Here are some great tips to keep your investment running properly:

5 Tips to maintaining your coffee maker (1)

  1. Keep it clean: It is very important that you clean your coffee machine every time you use it. This will prevent the formation of sediments, that can in turn affect its function. Also, take the time to make a deep cleaning every week, so that its internal components are also well taken care of. This plays an important role in the performance of your coffee machine. Kept clean, it won’t have issues grinding or filtering your coffee and will provide you with the best quality pour possible.

  2. Give the proper maintenance: Before you start using your machine, take a few minutes to read through the manual. Why is this important? Well, it will allow you to know all the things that you can do with it and its settings. Also, the manual will help guide you in performing proper maintenance. This can save you serious money if you are skilled in fixing things. You can also get advice in several articles like, Cafe Cleaning Guide from Barista Warehouse, where you can find a step by step guide.

  3. Turn it off when not used: Most coffee machines use resistors, so, it is very important that you don’t overheat this component. Turn the coffee maker off when it is not being used. With this simple step, you will be keeping it in good shape and you will also be saving energy.

  4. Descale the components: You now know how important it is to clean your new machine and as part of this, you should descale your machine at least once a month. Mix white vinegar with water and put it in the tank. Then, start the machine and allow the mix to go through the pipes. Let it rest for a couple of hours and after, have it run two or three times with water and you will have a clean and healthy machine again.

  5. Use it correctly: This may seem like common sense but you have to use the ingredients that the manual says you can use. Don’t try to put any other kinds of liquids in the tank or a different type of coffee. These things can produce sediments and may cause a failure.



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