Aklan sidetrip: Jawili Beach in Tangalan

If you still have the time to explore Aklan before proceeding to Boracay, please do so because Aklan is not all about Boracay. Tourists can also visit Jojo’s Christmas Cottage in Sampaguita Gardens, roam around Gaisano mall in Kalibo and visit BongBong’s to taste freshly made and hot piaya.

If you’re a beach person, Aklan has plenty of shorelines and beaches that you can enjoy. New Washington in Kalibo and Navitas in Numancia has some resorts for you to stay. But the best beach to visit when in Aklan is Jawili Beach in Tangalan, Aklan.

Jawili beach in Tangalan is about 30 km from Kalibo, the place is reachable by any public transportation, vans, cars and tricycles.

I was able to swim in Jawili beach years ago and I recalled a quiet, clean and fine sand beach. Good thing that commercialization hasn’t reached Jawili beach yet, unlike in Boracay. There are a number of resorts in the area but the peace and quiet is still maintained.

Jawili beach boasts of wide and undisturbed shoreline, a vast space that is conducive for a walk or a jog in the morning. Unlike in Boracay, the shoreline is devoid of structures, lounges and people offering massages, water activities and other wares. It is just you, the sun, the sand and the beach.

Shown above is a fishing boat docked at the beach. We were told that it catches “dilis”, a small fish, hence the number of lights at the boat’s front.

A few minutes from the beach is also a hidden gem, Jawili Falls, till my next post.

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  1. I’ve been here 6 years ago I think, when my hubby introduced me to his family there in Aklan. And yes, I agree with what you said about the place. Been to the falls too:)

  2. and it looks like the waves are perfect for surfing! =)

  3. Ang ganda dito 😀 I’ve been to Aklan several times since province namin ito but I haven’t been to this beach. I’ve been to Sampaguita Garden though but I’ll look for this beach when I go back

  4. Okay nga na side trip to a. Thanks!

  5. I want to visit places like this. Boracay is already an exploited beach, though people still love to visit the place for the sake of going, but it’s really nice to visit places not occasionally visited, it’s like paradise! :)

  6. Ganda ng lugar! Wew next year sna makapunta aq d2

  7. ganda ng mga shots mo..
    Ive been to Ochando, New Washinton Aklan
    Yung beach sa likod ng bahay nung friend ko..
    This was not like this place though..
    Aklan is really filled with beaches, nice beaches

  8. never been to Aklan and Bora, I’ll keep tab on these places though (for future references)…thanks for the share!

  9. i’ve been to Aklan, but was not able to visit this beach.. thanks for sharing..

  10. Gil Camporazo says:

    The place needs to be promoted. It’s an ideal option to spend outing with your friends, family members.

  11. Beautiful pictures

  12. i am still hoping to visit Aklan and Boracay one of this days. my whole family back home went there 2 years ago and i missed it together with my children .we just saw the palce through their photos .

  13. Love love love your pics! So clear! I’ve never been to Aklan but I want to go there now definitely. I haven’t explored much of the Visayas yet.

  14. Nice pictures. There are a lot of hidden beautiful places in the Philippines. I would definitely love to visit these places someday. Thanks for sharing.

  15. nice place, unspoiled…..

  16. nice quite place, unspoiled. pang HHWW along the beach…..

  17. All my friends who went there all said positive reviews… :) One day I will be there with my family. 😉

  18. thanks for sharing this. where is sampaguita garden located and how far from kalibo airport?

  19. I really agree, Aklan is a good sidetrip for those going to Boracay and don’t u ever miss Aklan. Boracay is part of Aklan btw.

  20. True! Aklan is the underhyped part of Panay Island without Boracay

  21. great place in Aklan ! wow ! i’m planning to go to Boracay next year. i will include this in mg wishlist !!! thanks for sharing this beautiful place !

  22. Nice one Badet. It is nice to know other beautiful places in the Philippines that so known to many. Sometime, we are only fascinated on the most popular ones and we haven’t noticed that there are still many undiscovered wonderful places by most.

  23. Good photos. The place is really inviting. Though I grew up in a place like this, I still want to visit other beaches sa Pinas. Been to Boracay and just went partying. I guess this beach from Aklan will offer some different experience. :) Mukhang maganda magskim boarding jan ah.

  24. Ang ganda ng mga photos! It’s like I am there at the beach.

  25. Hi sis, I love the blueness, would love to see these as postcards… (join ka sa meme namin minsan ha). have a lovely week…

  26. jovi romero says:

    how many minutes away from aklan state university roxas avenue? means of transportation? contact number please?

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