World Bazaar Festival 2010 finds

It’s been a yearly tradition for me and my mother to check out the World Bazaar Festival at the World Trade Center. It doesn’t feel like Christmas if we don’t visit bazaars especially this one. I just noticed that entrance fee keeps on increasing year after year, now it’s Php 50 for kids and adults and Php 40 for senior citizens. So to give you an idea what you can find in the 10th World Bazaar Festival, I listed some of my finds:

Multi-zipper Currency Wallets

1. Multi-zipper Currency Wallets – I’m really looking for Travelites (black one) but I first saw the green currency wallet so I bought it first, only to find out that Travelites stall is a few hops away. Travelites Currency Wallet is cheaper at Php 195.

Heineken bag from Thailand

2. Heineken bag, Php 500 – There are many colorful designs of these bags, Campbells, Pocky, etc… and they’re water-resistant too. Look for the D’Shoppe booth.

Precious Herbal Pillows

3. Precious Herbal Pillows (Php 650, medium-sized pillow & Php 350, eye pillow) – I mentioned this on my Christmas Gift Ideas post. Perfect for your parents, in-laws or spa, aromatherapy and wellness addicts.

Keyboard key table organizer

4. Keyboard “@” table organizer, Php 100 – for extra storage on desks/tables for paper clips and other small stuff.

Coca-Cola Eco Cup

5. Coca-cola Eco Cup, Php 350 – Saw similar eco cups at Dimensione too. The mug and the silicon cup is microwave-oven safe.

Printed Post-its

6. Printed Post-its, Php 80 each – I just have to buy them in case I forgot to gift someone, a safe and useful generic gift.

Ikea Rubber Bib and Feeding Set

7. Ikea Rubber Bib and Feeding Set, Php 199 – Look for the booth named Mobler, they sell Ikea items at bargain prices.


8. Cambuddy, Php 400 – Of course, the husband didn’t go home empty-handed. He’s happy with his find, the Cambuddy. I’ll post a separate blog on this.

Novelty items perfect for gift-giving and fashion accessories are aplenty in the 1oth World Bazaar. I was tempted to buy those adorable accessories too but I’d rather make them myself since I still have lots of supplies of beads for jewelry making. If only I have plenty of time to make them.

What bazaars did you went to and what are your bazaar finds this year? Please share…


  1. i actually haven’t gone to a bazaar yet this christmas since i haven’t started shopping! hahaha 😛

    i love the keyboard organizer! so cute!


    Badet Reply:

    That’s the first bazaar I went to Smarla. Noel Bazaar is better than WTC based on my observation from the past years.



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