Christmas gift ideas

Still not done with your Christmas shopping? Let me help you by sharing with you what I gave last Christmas 2009 and plan to give this Christmas 2010.

  • Herbal Pillows – This is a great and usable gift for parents, in-laws and for those who are a fan of aromatherapy. I gave this as gift to my in-laws last Christmas and they’re using it until now. The brand is Soothe Herbal Pillow but I found another brand, Precious Herbal Pillow. I bought the herbal pillows at the Noel Bazaar last year.

herbal pillows

  • Planners – You know how many people go crazy collecting stickers just to have Starbucks planners right? You can give them these cute little planners from Planner People Php 200. This is also for your “organized-friends”.

cupcake planner from Planner People, Php 200

  • Gadgets – For the boys in your lives, you can never go wrong with gadgets such as celphones, PSPs, xbox 360, portable music players or even gadget organizers.
  • Luggage Tags – For your jetsetter friend. Make them travel in style with these fab luggage tags from Fab Manila. I also found Russian doll designs of luggage tags at EGG, both are priced at Php 150. They also make as great gift tags if you’re extra generous with your gifts.

luggage tag from Egg

Fab Manila luggage tags

  • Pouches, make-up kits, jewelry organizers, bag organizers, etc. – A girl can never have too many pouches for those knick-knacks. A fail-safe gift to give for your officemates, classmates and colleagues. Check out Simple Joys or EGG too because they have plenty of affordable designs available.

Aside from Simple Joys and EGG where you can find affordable and cute gifts, check out Saizen too for anything kawaii Japanese items. I’m sure you’ll find something there from kitchen wares, bento boxes and other simple gadgets for only Php 88 each.


  1. i Love the luggage tags, soo fashionable. Herbal pillows for my grannies =)


  2. Great gift ideas for Christmas. This is the first time I’ve read about herbal pillows. Looks interesting 🙂

    Anyway, I’m planning on semi-DIYing my Christmas gifts 🙂


  3. Love the luggage tag sis. Super fab!


  4. I love homemade gifts! In previous years, I have made various homemade jams (kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, peach, etc.) and also homemade fruit syrup. Those gifts always seem to go over well!

    A few years ago I made homemade mosaic trivets out of broken up tiles and decorative glass. Several people leave them out all season long as a decoration. (Always make me smile when I see a gift being used and loved.)

    This year I think I am going to use the last idea of homemade infused honey. What a great idea! I have been working on sourdough, and if I can successfully make the sourdough I think I will do a little gift basket with infused honey, sourdough rolls and recipe suggestions for the infused honey. I am so excited about this one!


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