Wings Transit Lounge at NAIA Terminal 3 for the weary traveler

Sleeping in the airport? Now, that is possible with the Wings Transit Lounge located at the 4th level of NAIA Terminal 3. Jeff and I were checking out the newly opened restaurants inside the Food Hall at the 4th level of NAIA Terminal 3 while waiting for my Papa’s arrival. I saw the Wings Transit Lounge signage, I am really looking for a service like this in preparation for our trip next month so I’m really really glad to have stumbled upon Wings lounge.

the wings transit lounge naia terminal 3

The staff offered me for a tour inside the lounge when I inquired so I happily obliged. But some rooms like the family room were occupied so I wasn’t able to see it.

wings transit lounge twin room

Wings Transit Lounge Rates

wings transit lounge naia terminal 3 rates

You can choose to stay in a capsule, twin, bunk, and family room. For travelers who has a few hours to spare or if you’re just looking for a place to have a quick shower, Wings also has lounge reclining chairs.

wings airport lounge naia terminal 3

photo taken from Wings website

Stay on these reclining seats for up to 4 hours for Php 500, while staying for 7 hours is Php 700.

Aside from sleeping, you can also have a massage, have a haircut, or take a shower while checked in. How convenient, right?

I can’t wait to use the lounge for our trip next month, we have 8 hours in between flights.  I think this is a great option for the weary traveler, instead of lining up for a taxi going to your hotel and then going back again for your connecting flight. With the crazy traffic because of the construction works around the airport’s vicinity, we’ll just stay inside the airport so that we won’t get additional stress.

Wings Transit Lounge –
4/F NAIA Terminal 3, Pasay City
+63 2 8869464, +63 2 8337299


  1. That’s nice! I wonder if they have something similar in NAIA-1…


  2. Badet Siazon says

    Sana nga Mica. If this airport lounge will be successful, I’m sure a lot would be interested to venture in other airports as well.


  3. What a lovely idea. You could really refresh yourself by spending some time here! I love the little bunks and the idea of getting a relaxing massage. A shower would go a long way to helping you feel energetic enough to continue your journey!


  4. Ooh, now that is very helpful! I’m happy to hear that this has been set up for NAIA 3. This will surely help a lot of travelers — that’s for sure!


  5. This looks nice! Especially for those really long layovers when you don’t have somewhere to stay in the city.


  6. This place sounds fantastic!! We travel to Italy every year and often have difficulty with connecting flights. A few years ago we booked a room at a transit hotel in Zurich and spent 6 hours relaxing and catching up on sleep…and we booked the same one for the return flight (the night before). It is so convenient and is well worth the price, which was actually not bad at all!


  7. parpar de real says

    That is absolutely a great place, such a good ambiance and it really looks relaxing being there.


  8. Now THIS would make any trip worth taking!! I can see myself enjoying every single part of this lounge. What an amazing way to help make a trip less stressful…


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