Where to Hike: 5 Suggestions for Beginners

More and more people are getting into hiking since 2017. This year, the list of mountains to climb has just gotten longer. There are new places discovered, but only a few are recommended for beginners.

People hike for different reasons. As for you reading this, you may wonder what it is with hiking that people are willing to take indirect heat from the sun. Why do hikers happily burrow their expensive hiking shoes into the mud? If you ask those who frequently do, their answers range from the usual physical fitness to moving on from a relationship that just ended. Hiking just gets more interesting by the minute, right?

Where to Hike_ 5 Suggestions for Beginners

Why people hike?

The reasoning that hiking is good for health is backed by science. A brisk climb is definitely a good exercise and way to get your heart up. It reduces your risk of cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease. It also claims to prevent Type II diabetes. Of course, hiking makes you strong because climbing uneven surfaces like rock climbing engages your upper body and core. Who wants a holistic workout?

Other than that, hiking is also said to reduce stress, improve your mood and sleep quality, as well as your memory and recollection. More serious health issues include anxiety and depression. Since hiking lowers stress levels, it can help reduce anxiety as it quiets the mind and promotes proper breathing.

Now, you already have more than enough reasons to get into hiking. But, where should you start? What mountain would be a great choice for your first time? Here are 5 destination suggestions for you:

Tarlac: Mt. Pinatubo

Get on a bus and be ready for a 3-hour travel to Capas, Tarlac from Manila to see the beautiful disaster that’s Mt. Pinatubo. Enjoy the sand made of white and gray formations and ash in the famous 4×4 ride from the crater. The cost of the jeep ride is worth it. And hey, did you know that the color of the crater changes depending on the weather?

Rizal: Mt. Daraitan

This mountain in Tanay is one of the rare destinations that let you enjoy a lot more. For one, you can see the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Daraitan River at the summit. Next stop is the TInipak River that features springs, limestone boulders, and natural caves and pools. You may even spend the night here with friends guided by locals.

Batangas: Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Think you’ve gone to all the beaches in Batangas? Try hiking this time and see if it’s true Mt. Gulugod Baboy is a piece of cake. They say it would only take only an hour going to the summit for experienced hikers. As for beginners like you, 2.5 hours is the total duration including the stops to rest. Be ready with your windbreaker jacket!

Batangas: Mt. Maculot

Still in Batangas, it wouldn’t cost you a lot of money to visit Mt. Maculot. You only need P600 to P900 and the willingness to travel via bus or the energy to drive for 2.5 hours. There are three destinations: the most famous Rockies, the Summit, and the Grotto. Rockies provide astounding views of Taal Lake and Volcano, while the Summit serves as campsite if you want to spend the night and see the sunrise.

hiking destination for beginners

Bulacan: Mt. Manalmon

Did you know that Mt. Manalmon is a hill and not a mountain? This is the very reason it is a good choice for beginners. To get started, travel 3 hours from Manila and make sure that you arrange your trip with the Mamamayang May Aksyon Dulot ng Likas-Yamang Umuugnay sa Madlum. They will serve as your tour guide equipped with stories and fun facts about Mt. Manalmon. Other activities they would let you enjoy include swimming, spelunking, river crossing, and bird watching.

It all starts with a bus from Cubao, Quezon City. Gather your friends willing to try the joy of hiking, or go alone – why not? Shopping for the right attire also adds fun to the experience. You need good shoes to keep you safe even if rains and the road get muddy. With hiking and the many must-see mountains, you read about here, you just got more reasons it’s more fun in the Philippines, right?

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