What’s the fuss about Magnum?

About three weeks ago and up until now, social media is full of discussions about a certain ice cream. If you don’t know by now what I’m referring too, it’s Magnum, a new ice cream brought by Selecta and is sold for Php 55-60 per piece. It comes in three flavors: Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffle.

Magnum, the controversial ice cream

Of course, after reading some tweets from their brand ambassadors such as Erwan Heussaff, Raymond Gutierrez, etc, I immediately dragged my curious self to the nearest 7-Eleven to buy Magnum. The two flavors were sold out and I was left with Classic. After biting a huge chunk of dark chocolate topping and the vanilla ice cream, I thought, heck, there’s nothing special in this ice cream.

But I didn’t stop from the Classic variant, I thought I just bought the wrong flavor and the Almond or Chocolate Truffle must be good. Finally, I tasted the Almond, I liked the generous toppings of almond nuts but still, it’s nothing to rave about. Same goes for Chocolate Truffle.

Perhaps, the Magnum launch is just perfect timing for the summer when people would always want to eat and drink something to cool off from the unforgiving heat. Sometimes, I eat ice cream when I’m annoyed with the smokers in our building with their cigarette sticks or la gloria cubana. Or maybe the brand ambassadors were really that good to make it viral in social networks, hence, making the people shell out Php 60 for an ice cream.

But it’s for you to judge, go and taste for yourself. As for me, Magnum is overpriced and overrated, I can get the similar satisfaction from a lower priced ice cream product.


  1. For me, the ice cream isn’t anything great but the chocolate.. Wow!! I’m a chocolate lover (my favorites range from chocnut to belgian chocolates) and I can really taste the difference!

    Anyway, just blog hopping from GT 🙂



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