What shoes to use for Crossfit?

Aside from running, most people I know who are into fitness are doing HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) or Crossfit. HIIT is mainly a cardiovascular exercise while Crossfit is a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength development.  These types of exercises provide short but intense workouts. Maybe these are just trends just like those diet fads, but they are popular these days especially to health buffs because it works.

Another reason why most people are shifting to Crossfit is because it only needs 30 minutes to 1 hour of workout unlike going to the gym which will take you more than hour to finish. Gym memberships are expensive too, with Crossfit, some routines can be done on your own without those expensive machines.

during the Crossfit workout wearing my VFF

I have tried Crossfit once as a part of our activity when I became one of the C-lium ambassadors. We got a trial of their WOD (Work-out of the Day), it’s so tiring being first-timers but I knew it works because all parts of my body including my fingers hurt just a few hours after the workout. If I’ll have the time to work-out, I’ll choose Crossfit again.

Just like other sports, there are shoes made specifically for Crossfit. When I had my trial, Crossfit MNL recommends a minimalist shoe that’s why I wore my Vibram Five Fingers during the workout. You can also try Reebok because they claimed to have the best Crossfit shoes. They also have clothes and other gears for your Crossfit training needs.


  1. heheh hanggang daliri talaga ang sakit?

    but yeah, given the time, I’ll definitely try crossfit again.


  2. Uy, extra pa ako sa photo! Di ko yata kakayanin mag-crossfit ulit.


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