Take the Watsons Switch Test and Save!

Watsons has been running the Switch & Save campaign for several years now. I also made the switch to Watsons brands for quite some time starting from my body lotion. I was just testing out if their lotions are really good considering that I bought it at Buy One Take One. Surprisingly, they are great which prompted me to buy other products under the Watsons label such as their body scrubs, hair care, etc. I think with my every visit in Watsons, I’ve hoarded picked up one or two products because of big savings compared to leading brands.

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The Switch & Save campaign convinced a lot of people to switch including celebrities like Iya Villania, Christian Bautista, Tessa Prieto Valdez, and Patty Laurel. But for some people, to see is to believe right? Hence, the Watsons Switch Test!

watsons switch test

Kaycee of kikaysikat.com trying out 2 brands of body lotions, one of which is from Watsons

With the Watsons Switch Test, they set up unbranded booths in major cities around the country and put its products up against the best of the best – the category leaders. Without showing or telling them what brands were involved, the Switch Test mediator had each customer try out two products – Watsons and the leading brand. They were asked to hold them, examine them, test and compare them, and eventually to choose the one they would buy.

watsons switch test

Some chose the leading brand but upon informing them that they can save up to 80%, they easily switched. Take a look at those savings!

watsons switch and save campaign

With the Watsons Switch Test, it was proven that you can get the best of both worlds, QUALITY and SAVINGS.

#KumareBloggers for Watsons Switch & Save campaign

#KumareBloggers with Tessa Prieto-Valdez for Watsons Switch & Save campaign


  1. I always patronized Watson ever since, like lotions, soaps, deodorants, vitamins and really the best in terms of service too. I will try this weekend for sure.


  2. It’s nice to have options especially when they are more affordable and have equal or better quality. that’s what watsons bring to the market.


  3. I am a watsons baby ever since! Just so nice to know that they always have this campaign for consumers to save money in buying! 🙂


  4. I’ve been a fan of Watsons product ever since I’ve tried them. I must agree that buying Watsons products will really help you save a lot.



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