Volunteerism goes digital with Unilab Foundation’s #healthierPH Volunteer Portal

We are now living in a digital world, we can get everything done in just a click of a button. We can wash laundry in just one push of a button, we can book a taxi in just a few taps of our smartphones, we can have food delivered right to our doorstep in just one call. You see, life became easier, convenient and fast. But in this digital world, Unilab Foundation reminded us to have a heart. We should use technology to our advantage in making this world a better place. Hence, the birth of #healthierPH Volunteer Portal.

#healthierPH Volunteer Portal

Be part of a #healthierPH!

#healthierPH Volunteer Portal

This is Unilab Foundation’s door to the possibilities in helping out. It’s a digital platform for people who are looking for ways to contribute to building a healthier nation, no matter where they are or whatever their circumstance. There are many ways to help other than donating money. Everyone can contribute in their own little way, every bit counts, as long as everyone is moving forward to the same goal, towards a healthier Philippines.

To be part of a #healthierPH, you must go to http://www.unilabfoundation.org/healthierPH/home and sign up. Once signed up, you will get a “voluntar” or a volunteer avatar. You can then see the various volunteer projects you can do such as Instagram That Scene, Blog it Forward, and other activities involving sharing and tweeting to your social media accounts. Each volunteer projects enables your voluntar to gain points and rank up from being a Citizen to being a President of #healthierPH.

#healthishappening Online Contest

#healthishappening, The 21 Day Healthy Habit Challenge, is one of the volunteer projects in the portal. Remember those 10-day Gratitude Project on Facebook, it follows the same concept but this time, you should commit and post a healthy habit. Complete this 21-day Healthy Habit Challenge and you can win an Iphone 5s.

Full Mechanics:

1) Like the Unilab Foundation page on Facebook.

2) Create an album on your page titled “#healthishappening”. Make sure it’s on public mode!

3) For 21 days, post photographic evidence of your healthy commitment. Write a caption describing the habit, remember the hashtags #healthierPH, #healthishappening, #[order of day], and tag @UnilabFoundation.

Example: Drinking lemon water for a #healthierPH! #healthishappening #day3 @UnilabFoundation.

4) Upload to your album so people in your Facebook network know what you’re up to – and give you words of encouragement, or even start their own commitments.

5) When you complete your 21 days, post the link to your album on Unilab Foundation’s wall.

Goodluck! And even if you don’t win the contest, you are still a winner because you became healthier and you contributed to a healthier Philippines!

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