Trying out Plana Forma

Still aiming for a healthy lifestyle and losing the bulges on my tummy, I try to run once or twice a week in UP. It’s also my preparation for the first leg of Run United 2013, I registered in the 5-km category. However, I still wanted to incorporate additional fitness routine and thinking of signing up for a gym membership. I haven’t decided yet and I wanted to try other options. I already tried CrossFit and will try Zumba in a few weeks. Good thing a friend tipped me that Plana Forma is offering free trial classes for the month of February.

Plana Forma Free Trial Class this February

Together with my friends, we booked a free trial class at their Centris branch. We were then instructed to come to the class on time, bring our own water, and wear non-slip socks. I don’t have non-slip socks so I bought the socks at Plana Forma for Php 300. It can serve as my souvenir too. =)

Plana Forma non-slip socks for Php 300

Plana Forma is described as a combination of yoga, pilates and dance. I haven’t tried yoga and pilates but friends told me that Plana Forma is going to be tough, translation: sasakit talaga ang katawan ko.

Let’s see: At the start of the 5:30 pm class we took, Ms. Celine, our instructor, instructed us to get a pair of red and black dumbbells. Shortly after, the class start right on the dot. I thought the dumbbells are going to be used in the middle part of the workout, but it was used during the warm-up. Warm-up includes arm exercises, push-ups and squats. After that, the routine moved on to using using the ball with Ms. Celine shouting “Squeeze that ball”, to squats “pulse pulse pulse”, and to other thigh and abs exercises. I can hardly catch up with the routine especially the proper execution because it’s my first time. But the other girls in the studio are so flexible already they can do splits in seconds and stretch their bodies.

When your thighs hurt, it means that you are burning the fats. My thigh hurts indeed, and my butt too! I like Plana Forma because it’s meant to tone and BURN my problem areas, my huge thighs and tummy.

Try it too, you have until February 28 to book your free trial class.

In case, you finally decided to enroll, rates are as follows:

Single Class – Php 650.00
5 Class Package – Php 2,900
10 Class Package – Php 5,300
20 Class Package – Php 10,200
New Comers monthly unlimited – Php 3,000.00


  1. I can imagine the pain you are going through right after class. Although I have not tried Plana Forma, I went through the same thing when I tried out Definition class. I was not able to lift my legs for several days…argh!

    Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!



  2. Pain is good! It motivates you to exercise more. Sabi nga ni hub, ang makakatanggal sa sakit ng pag-eexercise ay exercise ulit. 🙂


  3. I might not be able to stand after a class like that! hahaha I am the most inactive person you will ever know. God, I need to start exercising soon!


  4. I tried some dance workouts I found on Youtube. I couldn’t walk properly for several days :))


    hbgeek Reply:

    kaya mo yan, paunti-unti.


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