Running with an umbrella? Safety tips on running during the rainy season

We all know that rainy season is the time when all you want is to stay in bed and be a couch potato. Like me, all I want is to eat, sleep and stay inside the house. But for some health buffs, rainy season should not hinder you from working out. If you’re really determined to work out, you wouldn’t let nature get in your way to fitness. With this in mind, Jeff and I decided to resume our running stint in UP. The UP Academic Oval is runner-friendly and biker-friendly because a separate lane is dedicated for such activity. Unfortunately, on my last lap, rain poured and I was drenched because I can’t run fast enough to get to the parking area. I also saw players from the baseball field carrying their baseball bats, gloves, and batting equipment, the rain also ruined their practice. So what to do? Should you carry an umbrella while running?

exercise during rainy season
exercise during rainy season

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To jog or to walk?

Original plan was to jog around UP Sunken Garden. First time to jog again after 8 months. 8 months ago, I was going to the gym 2 to 3 times a week but laziness hit me after a few months so I’m back with an inactive lifestyle. Since its January and like any other New Year’s resolutions, I started my resolution to “Move more and exercise” routine by jogging around UP after work. I ended up brisk walking almost 3/4 of the trail. After the first round at the UP Oval, Jeff and I feasted on yummy street foods, quail eggs (tokneneng) and siomai. What a great way to start a healthy and active lifestyle eh? So the question is,to jog or to walk or to eat?

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