Third Wave Coffee at The Coffee Empire

It was raining hard due to monsoon rain but that didn’t stop us from braving the rain and trying out The Coffee Empire. Jeff was keen on trying out this nice coffee place when he passed by it during his evening runs. Ang totoo, he was looking for restaurants in QC that serves craft beer, and The Coffee Empire is one of them. But keri lang because I love coffee anyway, and it will be my first time to try third-wave coffee.

the coffee empire

What is Third Wave Coffee? That’s also my question so here’s from their website:

A Third Wave Coffee bar can be described as artistic, handcrafted, scientific, and meticulous.

At The Coffee Empire, coffee beans are all roasted to perfection and brewed in all methods possible, and paired with food.

Since coffee is the star, let me show you the coffee first. I had Iced Coffee Empire Mocha, they only have one size. The coffee taste is prominent and is not masked by overly sweet syrups. I just wished they have options on what milk to use, like nonfat or full cream.

Coffee Empire Mocha

Coffee Empire Mocha, Iced, Php 180

Our friend, Alvin, got the Cafe Latte.

cafe latte

Cafe Latte, Hot, Php 145

Plus points go to The Coffee Empire’s presentation. I like how they serve their coffee in a wooden plank, it echoes that artisan coffee shop vibe.

We went here for dinner and not just for coffee too. It’s nice to see their menu with real food and not just sandwiches. Here are our orders:

coffee empire menu

Carbonara with Truffle Oil, Php 285

coffee empire menu

Pesto, Php 270

I haven’t tried the pasta since it’s my friends’ orders but the Pesto one smelled so divine after serving it in our table.

coffee empire

Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Php 260

Grilled Cheese Sandwich is my order, they used wheat bread for this. In the menu, it says that it will be served with tomato soup and salad but I was given the chips and salad instead. Anyway, it’s still delicious.

Coffee Empire Heirloom Tapa

Coffee Empire’s Heirloom Tapa, Php 270

We were all eyeing Jeff’s order because it looks delicious. It came with 2 sunny-side-up eggs. The meat is so soft and flavorful, I doubt if you’ll use the dipping sauce served with your order because it’s already yummy as it is.

The Coffee Empire is a great place to discover and learn more about coffee. The baristas are always available to explain all your coffee-related questions.



  1. I’m picky on my coffee and this is one coffee place I would surely love. They also have a lot of good meal alternatives.


  2. Whoah! Third Wave…sounds exciting! But more than the name , I got more excited of your visid photographs 🙂


  3. Coffee Empire and Third Wave Coffee both sound pretty interesting actually.Would love to make a visit there.


  4. The food looks delicious and the atmosphere looks so inviting.


  5. This meal looks so delicious, my mouth is literally watering!!!


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