Valentine’s Celebration Ideas to Make Everyone Feel Extra Special

It’s that time of year once again when love is in the air. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, one thing’s for sure—Valentine’s Day is always a wonderful opportunity to express your affection and appreciation towards your loved ones.

Here are some ways you can share the love:

ShopeePay Valentines

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Give Love and Share Love with Hallmark this Valentine’s Day

Love comes in different ways. In different forms, in different places, and in different moments. See, love doesn’t always equate to romance. It may not always be visible, but it’s always there—in the form of your friend’s sweet smile, mom’s comforting hug, or dad’s gentle reminders to always take care of yourself. The point being, love is there whenever and wherever we decide to give and share it.


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#CelebrateLoveAtSM this Valentine’s Day


The love you give is the love you deserve – or even more.

This Valentine’s season, SM Supermalls celebrates all kinds of love – long-term couples, newlyweds, budding love, same-sex couples, or even the love shared by friends.

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Grab a Bae this Valentine’s Day

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Who says you can’t spend Valentine’s Day if you’re single? Grab Philippines comes to your rescue with the return of #GrabBae! Grab’s roster of charming kilig on-the-road ambassadors are back to bring Grab users a bigger, better, and more special Valentines’ Day treat this February 2018.


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Dozen Roses

A dozen of red roses? or a white rose perhaps? Although it is too early to plan what you can give as valentines day flowers 2012, it does not hurt to think about it now. During this occasion flowers cost a little more expensive, make a deal with your florist and pay her in advance. Why not buy a bouquet for your mom, for your female friends and of course a big nice and pretty bouquet for your special someone.

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