Southstar Drug’s Drop the Prefix Campaign

A journey to a thousand miles may not necessarily just start with the proverbial one step, but with a strong supportive touch from a loved one, like a parent or a mentor. Maribeth was a young girl when she first took to the art brush in elementary school; throughout the initial stumbling efforts, she was encouraged by her teachers. Wackie loved the colors of paint and was always eager to bring to creative life the people and places around him. And, as with all young artists, when the vision was not forthcoming on the canvas, his mother would gently prod him to believe in himself.  Juan used to be impatient with his own paintings, withdrawing when he did not the results he wanted. This time, it was a father, Gavin, who showed him what he had done, and what he could still do.

Maribeth, Wackie, and Juan are all artists now. Their oil portraits of animals, Mother Nature, and happy families continue to capture the sight — and the patronage — of the art lovers and the curious public who see them. Maribeth has become a breadwinner through her paintings. What makes their achievements all the more impressive is that all three artists are Persons with Disabilities. Maribeth is deaf, and both Wackie and Juan have been diagnosed with autism.

south star drug drop the prefix

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