Philhealth check arrived

I received my Philhealth check earlier after waiting for three months. I was not able to use my Philhealth benefit when I gave birth last December because the Philhealth form I had with me at the hospital was old. So reimbursement is my only option. The amount is just small, Php 2,500 , but any amount is very welcome especially now that Gwen has increasing needs. I’m just happy that I was able to acquire and use all the maternity benefits, from SSS and Philhealth.

One thing though is that my SSS ID hasn’t arrived yet, I applied for it the moment I got pregnant because our HR said it’s required. I already gave birth and still no SSS ID. When I called their office for follow-up, the person I talked to the other line said that they’re giving priority to those who needs to avail of social security disability first. Well, I already claimed my SSS Maternity benefit too so that’s the least of my worries.

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