Protect your personal information

In this day and age, almost every activity can be done online. From getting in touch with your friends thru chatting and email, promoting your business through social networks, gaining information from Internet forum, shopping online from e-commerce websites, paying bills, online banking and so much more. Most of the time, websites you go to requires you to register before you can use the services or before you can interact with other members like in an Internet forum. For some sites, you can get away with just your nickname and some fictional address like “paradise”, “heaven”, etc…, but websites like an ecommerce site and online banking requires you to put in your real name, complete address, credit card information, email address, phone number and other sensitive personal information. You may think that giving your personal information to your trusted company’s website is secure enough, but think twice, no matter how advance the technology is, Identity Theft is a Problem .

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