I will never miss a sale again

Aside from being a blogger, I’m also an online seller at Multiply, in fact, I’m enjoying this sideline for 2 years now. I get to do things I love which is to shop and do crafts like beading. Earning from it is just an added bonus as well as gaining friends along the way. Maintaining an online shop is quite a task, I have to check everyday for inquiries, post blogs and ads about new products, update my clients for the status of their orders, checking if they have received the items in good condition, etc… Aside from the online inquiries, I also get inquiries and orders thru text messages even in the wee hours of the morning. That’s the beauty of online shopping, you can shop 24/7 at the convenience of your own home and with only just a few clicks.

So how can the buyers inform me with their orders? Well, it’s with the use of Online Order Forms that makes things easier. There are free HTML generators out there such as Wufoo.com or Freedback.com which I currently use that automatically sends an order form to my email address whenever a buyer submits one. The Order Forms I receive looks like the photo below:

order forms sent to my email
order forms sent to my email

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