Walk on water with WOW Balls

Did you know that it’s possible to walk on water? Well, it’s possible in the newest attraction at the Bay Area in Mall of Asia, WOW Balls. WOW Balls has a large pool with approximately 10 inflatable water walking balls, they charge 50 pesos for 15 minutes of play inside the Walk-on-water balls. At first, I thought that 15 minutes is too short for my nephew to play inside the water ball, but I realized prolonged stay inside the balls is dangerous especially for kids. My nephew perspired a lot after 15 minutes, and there’s a note that this attraction is not for children with asthma and heart diseases.

Just keep an eye and observe the behavior of your kids when inside the balls. My nephew enjoyed his 15-minute experience with WOW Balls…

WOW Balls at Mall of Asia

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The Creamery, Selecta Kids Universe at Mall of Asia

It was a hot Sunday afternoon and while were heading back to Caloocan from my in-laws in Las Pinas, we decided to grab shakes or anything cold at Mall of Asia. Coming from the South, we immediately caught a glimpse of The Creamery, ice cream on a scorching hot afternoon is bliss.

The Creamery is part of the Selecta Kids Universe in Mall of Asia. Kids Universe houses Cosmic Kidz, a five-story kiddie play area, largest play area in Manila as of date. Kids + playground + ice cream = A TREAT!

I prefer Selecta ice cream than other brands so I immediately looked for ice cream treats on the menu. I was torn between the Belgian Chocolate Mint and Ferrero Rocher ice cream, but the staff said that the latter is their bestseller so I ordered it.

Ferrero Rocher ice cream, Php 185

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Raymund Marasigan at Team Manila, Mall of Asia

The Eraserheads fever is still on! After the March 7, 2009 concert, Eraserheads fans still can’t get over from that memorable event. In line with the concert, Team Manila released limited edition shirts. The shirts were selling like hotcakes and most of the time, they are often out of stock.

Raymund Marasigan
all smiles for Raymund Marasigan

Raymund Marasigan
my Team Manila t-shirt

Raymund Marasigan
brought my antique cassette tapes too…

Last Saturday, we went to Team Manila to buy the limited edition Eraserheads T-shirts and to have it signed by the band’s drummer, Raymund Marasigan. The Team Manila store were teeming with buyers who want to get their hands on the Eraserheads T-shirts. We were lucky to be there early at around 2 pm, we were able to grab shirts also for my brother, for a friend and for an officemate. I bet they ran out of stocks again for those shirts.

So this sums up the weekend of an ecstatic fangirl.

V-day beauty haul: Beauty Credit and Elianto

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day, I’m very vocal about it throughout the years. I have that icky feeling at the thought of me carrying a bouquet of flowers on a date. Besides, Valentine’s day celebration in the Philippines has become trivial and commercialized already, peace!

We still went to the mall last Saturday just like any ordinary weekends. As expected, a lot of couples and families flocked to Mall of Asia and restaurants were crowded especially lunch time and dinner time. I’m on the look-out for a motorcycle jacket, found one at People are People but decided to let it pass. I’m still thinking whether to get the motorcycle jacket I saw from Solo or the one from People are People, we’ll see…

What I was able to score are nail polishes from Elianto and beauty products from a new Korean brand, Beauty Credit. Summer is around the corner and I’m getting tired of my clear nail polish so I bought 3D nail stickers and nail polishes in yummy colors. Nail polishes are Php 99 each.

Nail stickers and nail polishes from Elianto (Php 99 each)

colors from left: coral, turquoise, brown, bisque, navy, colorless

I passed by Watsons just to buy a nail clipper but I saw the variety of Korean Beauty Products available in the store. I remembered my friend Jehan Kim who is a fan of Korean beauty products and everything Korean, she swears that Korean beauty products really works albeit expensive. I snagged some facial mask packs, Green Tea and Coenzyme Q10, from C&F brand.

C&F facial mask packs at Php 49.75 each

I was making my way to the VMV counter when the sales assistant from Beauty Credit asked me to try their products. I ended up buying these…

Beauty Credit loot

Charcoal Nose Pore Cleaning Patch, Mousse Pack, Powder Foundation, CoQ10 from Beauty Credit

I bought the Lovely Powder Pact Matt 23 (Natural Beige), Php 765, Royal Jelly Yellow Soil Mousse Pack, Php 713, Charcoal Nose Pore Cleaning Patch, Php 35, they also gave samples of CoQ10 moisturizer. I am amazed with their nose patch because it really lifts off your blackheads/whiteheads. I also love the Powder Foundation because it made my skin glow. The Mousse Pack really leaves my skin smooth and firm after the application. I was completely clueless on the brand before buying it so I googled them when I got home. Beauty Credit is a Korean brand and you can only find them in Watsons Mall of Asia (beside National Bookstore). They have make-up and skin care products, most of them have CoQ10. I will try to post a detailed review on their products in the coming weeks.

Beauty Credit is only available at Watsons, Mall of Asia.

Elianto website:

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