Giveaway alert: Win a Kenkoy Dogtag necklace

I just got my Kenkoy striped graphic tee in black and I love it. Although, I got the men’s shirt because the largest size for ladies which is  XL is still snug at the tummy. So I got the XS from the men’s shirts.

Kenkoy Striped Graphic Tee, I got the black one

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Solo’s Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Series features Kenkoy and Solo’s 3rd Online Model Search

After the success of Solo’s first Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Collection featuring Larry Alcala, Solo features the famous work of another Pinoy cartoonist, Tony Velasquez. Tony Velasquez is the Father of Philippine Cartoons and is the one who created Kenkoy. Kenkoy is this adorable and charming character decked in suspenders, charol shoes, double breasted suit, baggy pants, a sailor hat, and a slicked back hairstyle.

Tony Velasquez and his creation, Kenkoy

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