Groupon is love

Ever heard of groupons? In the US, they have this thing going on for quite some time but in the Philippines, it only started last year. Groupon or group coupons offers amazing deals giving 20% to 90% discounts to restaurants, clothing, services and spa deals. The groupon sites partners with different establishments to get deals at a wholesale/lower price. This is advantageous to business owners in promoting their businesses and also to groupon buyers like me. No need for a cash advance just to eat at a fine dining restaurant or get a massage. I always check out restaurant and spa deals in these groupon websites, but they also offer discounts on photography services, clothing, hotel rooms, etc…

I got my first amazing deal at, a 90-minute Whole Body Hilot Massage and Dagdagay Foot Therapy from Shui Hilot Spa for only Php 255, 70% off from its original price. My second deal which I really look forward to is a Sofitel Spiral Buffet with bottomless iced tea, got it at 50% off, Php 1392.

Another groupon site is, this is where I got my Php 350 Jade Stone Massage or Herbal Infusion Aromatherapy Massage at Soneva Spa, original price is Php 1200.

Groupons are so addicting and tempting, my Paypal and Gcash funds are always ready for them. But they also accept bank deposits for groupon payments. Go ahead and register, just proceed with caution, remember to get only the deals you need.


  1. I’ve tried those sites and bought some vouchers for future use. This is actually a great way of pampering your self even you are saving! 🙂


  2. Love!


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