Thai Royale Spa: An Affordable Massage Spa Franchise in the Philippines

Healthy lifestyle and wellness are the trend these days. That’s why diet delivery programs, juicing, gyms, and fitness centers are considered as booming businesses especially for the young entrepreneurs. Another good business to consider is the spa. I’m a massage addict, and after a long hard day at work, all I want is to relax and get a good massage. I’m sure most working moms and dads will surely indulge for a nice massage too. Given this, I learned that opening a massage spa franchise is easy and affordable, this is the case for Thai Royale Spa. I tried Thai Royale Spa’s Swedish massage at their Timog branch through an invitation and was satisfied and felt great afterwards. I thought with good price points of their services, partnered with great location, it will be a great business.

thai royale spa timog branch

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