Light up your Christmas with Healthy Options

Christmas is a season of giving. To see a person’s face light up when they open my gift is priceless. It’s not about giving expensive gifts, it’s about giving well-thought-of gifts to your family and friends. This Christmas 2017, Healthy Options, the Philippines’ first and only retail store exclusively specializing in all-natural and organic products, brings to its healthy holiday shoppers a Christmas experience full of light.

healthy options1

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Christmas Gift Basket ideas

It’s the season of giving once again! Aside from the 13th month pay and Christmas bonuses, people are also looking forward to the gifts that they shall receive. As an employee, I also receive from my company a Christmas basket filled with grocery items, corporate gifts, chocolates  and other snacks. It is such a delight to go over the items. Sometimes, we swap items from other officemates who don’t like a particular goods.

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