23 Whitening Beauty Products containing mercury banned by FDA

23 more whitening beauty products containing mercury were banned by Food and Drug Administration. As you can recall, some Chinese beauty products were already banned last year due to the same reason, they all contain mercury in excess of the legal limit.

Miss Beauty Magic Cream

At present, the 23 banned whitening products are manufactured from Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. FDA warned the public that excessive amount of mercury is harmful to the nervous system and kidneys. The number 1 whitening product with the highest level of mercury is Miss Beauty Magic Cream which has 28,600 ppm.

Below is the complete list of skin whitening creams banned by the FDA:

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Chinese beauty products banned for containing mercury; Zhen de Shou also banned

9 Chinese beauty products are found to be laced with mercury that’s why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the Chinese-made products. FDA said that thse products contain the heavy metal mercury beyond the allowable limit of one part per million.

Below is the list of whitening creams/face creams included in the ban:

Jiao Li creams

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