Meyerf Travel Pack: a must when travelling

Do you carry medicines with you when travelling or just whenever you leave the house? I do. I just carry a few for hyperacidity, headaches and LBM, and I also include my vitamins. Whenever I’m travelling locally, I also bring pretty much the same medicines but it depends on how many number of days I’ll be away. For international trips, I also make sure to add some pain relievers (for pains due to too much walking) and also Bengay. I remember the last time we were in Singapore and my Aunt needed to buy pain relievers, turns out that it’s not available there so she was forced to settle with another brand which she’s not familiar with.

This is why it’s very important to bring a medicine kit when travelling, include that on your things-to-bring when packing. To make life easier, Meyerf, a Filipino pharma company, introduced Meyerf Travel Pack. It’s a small medicine kit that houses all the 6 essential medicines like paracetamol, ascorbic acid, loperamide, mefenamic acid and carbocisteine. Fortunately, Meyerf Travel Pack takes the guesswork out of bringing the essential medicines when travelling.

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