Robinsons Place Antipolo Food Trip

For someone who lived in the city all her life, traveling to Antipolo is just the perfect weekend activity to unwind and shake off the city blues. Start your day by visiting the Antipolo Cathedral and then spend the rest of your day on a gastronomic trail. I’m happy to tell you that you don’t have to drive to different places to try out different restaurants. Robinsons Place Antipolo, which opened last September 2015, houses a good mix of cuisines including homegrown restaurants.

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I and other food bloggers were invited to try 3 restaurants of our choice last weekend at Robinsons Antipolo. It’s my first time to visit this mall and I must say that I was impressed! If only malls in Manila can be this gorgeous and airy, not the usual boxy type we see around here.

robinsons place antipolo

The sprawling mall has that tropical laidback vibe, inviting you to walk around and enjoy the cool breeze.

robinsons place antipolo bloggers food tour

After raving about Robinsons Antipolo’s look, I’ll now start raving about the food at the restaurants. Come join me on a food trip.

Gerry’s Grill

Lower Ground Floor
(02) 997-0274

gerrys grill robinsons place antipolo

gerry's grill robinsons antipolo

Gerry’s Grill has an industrial look but still looks warm and airy, thanks to the wood accents, natural lighting and high ceiling of the store. You might think, why Gerry’s, we have that in Manila. Well, I think being one of the best Filipino restaurants that caters to the whole family, people who flock to Antipolo looking for a comforting familiar taste will surely pay a visit.

sinigang na hipon gerrys grill

Sinigang na Hipon, Php 295

Warm up your tummies with Sinigang na Hipon, just the right amount of sourness from the broth.

pork barbecue gerry's grill

Pork Barbecue, 2 sticks, Php 165

The pork barbecue is meaty and juicy perfection. If you don’t like fatty barbecues, then this one’s for you.

Inihaw na Pusit gerry's grill

Inihaw na Pusit, Php 355

The word grill in this resto’s name proved that they are masters of grilled food. In fact, their Inihaw na Pusit is what made them famous. You know how delicate it is to cook squid, that it must be timed accurately for that perfect doneness? Gerry’s Grill nailed it on this one, and I also love that it already came with the dipping sauce.

beef caldereta gerry's grill

Beef Caldereta, Php 255

If beef is what you’re looking for, the Beef Caldereta is a must try. Tender chunks of beef in a savory cheesy sauce.

crispy pata gerrys grill

Crispy Pata, Php 495

The star of a Filipino feast is Crispy Pata, pork knuckles deep fried until the skin is oh-so-crispy and yet the meat is still fork tender. Have your way with your dipping sauce, whether you like it spicy, soy-vinegar, or just plain vinegar.

Are you waiting for Gerry’s Grill’s Sisig? Well, I was wondering for that too when the food were laid out on our table. But we already know how GOOD their sisig are, and it’s best to try their other bestselling dishes :p.

gerrys grill drinks

(L-R) Green Mango, Mango Sago, Four Seasons, Ripe Mango, Gerry’s Special Iced Tea

Pair these mouthwatering dishes with a variety of drinks they offer. The Mango Sango is really unique, but I’m always a loyal fan of their Special Iced Tea.


2nd Level
(02) 656 0194

marisons robinsons place antipolo

Marison’s is a homegrown restaurant and you know what, it’s rated #2 in Trip Advisor for the Best Restaurants in Antipolo category. No wonder they’ve been featured in KrisTV because of the unique approach they give to traditional Filipino cuisine. Everything we had at Marison’s are soooo good, and I hope that more branches will open soon, including nearer to Manila so that I can taste their unique dishes anytime.

ms. marison of marisons

Ms. Marison was very enthusiastic about the food in their family’s restaurant. She’s the one who developed the recipes and you can really tell her love of food and cooking.

molo soup marisons

Molo Soup, Php 80

The Molo Soup is something that warms up not only your tummy but also your heart as it perfectly reminds you of your mother’s homecooked meal. Yeah, that’s how I felt as I savor the light broth along with the delicate soft pieces of molo wrapper.

Deep Fried Kesong Puti marisons

Deep Fried Kesong Puti, Php 260

Marison’s already captured my heart with the soup, and now, their appetizer. Deep Fried Kesong Puti with spicy pineapple sambal dip. Even Kris Aquino loved this when she featured Marison’s in her show. It’s just the right play of mush and crunch from the cheese and the wrapper. For me, I don’t even have to dip it in the sauce, it’s good as it is.

Enselada Marisons

Enselada Marisons, Php 180

A medley of textures that will surely tickle your tastebuds, the mango cilantro dressing is really refreshing.

Kare-Kare Marisons

Kare-Kare, Php 330

Marison’s gave Kare-Kare a facelift. Instead of the usual meat and tripe submerged in the peanut sauce, the tripe was deep fried and reigned atop the cashew- and peanut-based sauce. They used cashew to give this dish the creamy texture and used peanuts to lend a nutty taste. Oh wow, I was able to eat this without looking for the bagoong. The sauce is on the sweet side, which I think, is really inherent to a Filipino cuisine. It’s served with their house bagoong, but it’s really optional.

Sotanghon Guisado marisons

Sotanghon Guisado, Php 180

If you’re hankering for some noodles, their hefty serving of Sotanghon Guisado will satiate you. The noodles reminds me of Japchae, I foresee that this will be a hit not only to Filipino foodies but to our Korean foodies as well.

Sinaing na Buntot ng Tuna marisons

Sinaing na Buntot ng Tuna, Php 430

Ms. Marison said that it’s their healthier version of Crispy Pata. It’s deep fried tuna tail served with sauce with pork crackling bits.

Pork Binagoongan marisons

Pork Binagoongan, Php 310

Still consistent with the Filipino-food-with-a-twist theme, their Pork Binagoongan is very different from the Pork Binagoongan I was accustomed to. While others were saucy, Marison’s is crunchy and spicy. It’s a combination of large crunchy chunks of Lechon Kawali and bits and pieces of toasted alamang. This dish is really addicting, I kept on reaching out for more helpings of it.

Empanada marisons

Empanada, Php 255

The Empanada also has a different twist, it has a quail egg along with the papaya and pork filling.

Angus Beef Bicol Express bicol express

Angus Beef Bicol Express

Marison’s took Bicol Express to the next level with the use of beef, and not just ordinary beef, it’s Angus Beef. It’s not on the menu yet but I’m hoping they include it soon because you’ve got to try this! It’s the perfect marriage of coconut milk and the spice from siling labuyo. I’m really not a fan of coconut-based dishes but this one is an exception, I love it! Don’t forget to order your extra rice.

Marison's Halo-halo

Marison’s Halo-halo, Php 120

I was about to leave for my 3rd stop which is a dessert place so I was not ready and expecting to eat desserts at Marison’s too. But Ms. Marison was very generous she almost let us try all the items from their menu hahaha…. But boy! I was glad I stayed and waited for my halo-halo. Their halo-halo is so creamy, not even a chunk of ice is present because their signature ice is blended together with the milk. The ingredients are not store-bought too, they’re all lovingly made from scratch.

Sans Rival, Php 160

Sansrival, Php 160

I know I already said that everything I had at Marison’s are good, but can I just say it one more time? EVERYTHING is really worth a try, and I won’t mind traveling 2 to 3 hours going up to Antipolo just to have it all again. Their Sans Rival alone is worth the long drive, I was expecting that they will use cashew too for this cake, but I underestimated them. They used Macadamia nuts which gave it a more sophisticated taste.


Upper Ground Level
(02) 661 1082

francines antipolo

Francine’s is a sweet little spot in front of Robinsons Department Store entrance. Don’t let this small space fool you, because you must have a BIG space in your tummy to make room for their delectable desserts.

ferrero cake francines

Ferrero Cake

The Ferrero cake is perfect for chocolate lovers. It’s not cloyingly sweet, but being named after the chocolate, I was looking for a texture similar to that. Perhaps some wafer bits is a nice addition to really have that Ferrero thing going on.

Chocolate Caramel francines

Chocolate Caramel, Php 140/slice

Chocolate Caramel is sweeter than the Ferrero cake but I liked how the caramel highlighted the chocolate taste and vice versa.

red velvet francines

Red Velvet, Php 135/slice

For me, a bakeshop is legit if they can make their Red Velvet right. Francine’s Red Velvet cake did not disappoint, it’s moist with generous amount of cream cheese frosting.

I can only have as much from the 3 restaurants but there are other places inside Robinsons Place Antipolo worth visiting. There’s Kampai, Ineng’s, The Shrimp Shack, Romeo’s, and Costa Coffee.

robinsons place antipolo restaurants

Robinsons Malls
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Robinsons Place Antipolo
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  1. This looks so awesome! So many food choices! I would love to try the red velvet cake.


  2. These dishes look so good. There’s something for everyone. I woudl probably have to go with their version of Pork Binagoongan.


  3. That deep fried Kesong Puti and Sotanghon guisado from Marison’s looks pretty yummy! Also, that red velvet cake is pretty scrumptious looking as well. How did they take to your liking? I ate at Gerry’s grill in another branch( in Las Pinas) and their crispy pata was way too salty for me. How does the crispy pata in antipolo taste? 🙂


    Badet Siazon Reply:

    The red velvet is moist and not too sweet. The Crispy Pata at Gerry’s is not salty, I love it.


  4. So many food choices. I wonder how you survived the day with all those food and sweets. Would love to try the Marison’s soon.


  5. Marison’s seems to be a very nice place. Level up na lutong bahay. Must try!


  6. Gigi Beleno says

    I’ve always been a big fan of Gerry’s Grill, so the food menu from the other restos looks interesting. I am so far from Antipolo but sometimes also get to visit the church so possibly on our next visit might consider the mall as well.


  7. The place looks really great,neat and not so crowded. The food, oh, looks really yummy. =)


  8. omg marison’s looks super yummy!!!


  9. Thank you for sharing this. In case we’ll able to go to Antipolo, at least we now have the idea where to dine 🙂



  10. Never been to RP Antipolo, and after seeing this, I would love to make that trip there :))


  11. I wish magtayo ng restaurant ang Marisons sa South area.


  12. I wanna go to Robinsons Antipolo now and try Marisons Kare Kare and Francine’s Ferrero cake. ???


  13. Wow, I’d really want to try Marison’s. That deep fried kesong puti is calling me! <3


  14. These pictures make me hungry! Yummy! I like the architecture of Robinsons Antipolo.


  15. I would love to try Marison’s, too. Everything you featured here from this restaurant looks appetizing!


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