Reasons why I need a remote access software

With the computer and software technology being too fast-paced, I can’t seem to keep up and be updated with the latest techniques. Things are different when I’m still in school because I’m confident with my technical know-how about computers. But with my busy lifestyle and with plenty of things on my plate, I don’t have time to delve into bloody computer complexities except maintaining my blogs and online shop. This is why a remote access software comes in handy especially for busy people like me.

access computers remotely from any part of the world

access computers remotely from any part of the world

First, I always communicate with my web host, Mommy Ruby, whenever a problem about my blog pops out. She’s been very helpful and a gracious web host for me. Now that I have two blogs with her, it will be very easy for the two of us to communicate and troubleshoot the problems with my sites if we have a remote access software. She’s based in Bacolod while I’m in Manila but isn’t it amazing that we can still do business together despite the distance? I might persuade her to download the Proxy Pro 6 free 30-day trial and try this to her other clients.

Second, I’m an Odesk provider and my line of work ranges from data entry, web research, SEO or an administrative assistant. There’s one instance when my German boss taught me how to access his PC back at Germany, honestly, I was amazed with what technology can do. I can remotely access my boss’s computer on the other side of the globe. Now I know what he’s using, a software that allows remote access to his desktop.

Third, I can also use Proxy Pro 6 at my workstation in the office. Our IT manager can make use of this to monitor activities of employees. This also saves time for our IT manager since he doesn’t have to get up on his seat whenever he troubleshoots a PC of an employee. Our workgroup can also benefit from it because we can share files through the computer. With regards to the security issue, the remote access software is practically safe because it’s using a 256 bit encryption, the highest in its class today.

256-bit encryption – the highest in its class


  1. Thanks for sharing! This something I got to look into soon. Not that I have to manage lot of computers but there are just times that I need to access another computer away from me.

    I’m used to Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Manager. 🙂
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