Real Coffee, Boracay

When in Boracay, eating at Real Coffee is a must. Well, that’s what all of other food bloggers say because in here, you’ll find the famous calamansi muffins. It’s really unique and quite intriguing, so I’m also one of those who searched for Real Coffee in Station 1 one morning after a swim near the grotto.

look out for this sign just near the Havaianas store in Station 1

When we get there, tables were already full at around 10 am. Real Coffee is open as early as 7 am by the way. I immediately asked for their calamansi muffins, of course! But the staff said that they already ran out of calamansi muffins and they’re just about to bake. So I got their Ultimate Muffin instead and Jeff ordered their pancakes with two eggs.

Pancake with Two Eggs, Php 140

Eggs are cooked just the way I like it, runny yolk. But the pancakes are just your ordinary pancakes, nothing special. This came with a cup of coffee, which tasted good.

Ultimate Muffin (carrot, pineapple, banana, walnut & raisins), Php 60

Reading all that comes in this muffin, this is indeed the ultimate muffin! And it also packs a lot of yumminess!

super moist!

Real Coffee’s Ultimate Muffin is my fave! Super moist and doesn’t scrimp on ingredients, you can actually taste all of the fruits and walnuts plus the cinnamon.

After a while, I heard a group of new diners came and ordered the famed calamansi muffins, and they now have freshly baked calamansi muffins. I’m already finished with my Ultimate Muffin so I asked for their calamansi muffin.

calamansi muffin, Php 45

Honestly, after tasting the calamansi muffin, I don’t get it why this is so hyped up. Perhaps those who raved about the calamansi muffin didn’t taste the Ultimate Muffin. Because for me, Ultimate Muffin is better than this one. It’s packed and filling alright, but it’s a bit dry. The tart taste from the calamansi is only present from the outside part of the muffin.

So it’s the Ultimate Muffin for me on my next visit but go ahead and order the calamansi muffins just for curiosity’s sake.


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