RCC Amazing Touch offers non-surgical and painless warts and mole treatment

When it comes to moles, warts, xanthelasma, skin tags and other skin outgrowth removal, RCC Amazing Touch is the most-trusted and highly awarded company.  But what makes this family-owned company the most trusted? If 21 years in the business is not enough proof, then perhaps the hordes of awards from various international invention expositions will do?


RCC Amazing Touch’s Demole Cream for the removal of moles and Dewart Cream for the removal of warts bagged several gold and diamond awards from various international expositions. In one event, RCC’s entry even landed the coveted spot beating a thousand or more other entries from 36 countries.  Backed up by the Philippine’s Department of Science and Technology, the company even represented the country in expositions in United Kingdom, Russia, United States of America , Japan and other neighboring Asian countries.


But what makes RCC’s creams different from others? Firstly, it is a herbal cream that uses oil of the cashew nut as active ingredient. Secondly, it is non-invasive and non-anesthetic since the treatment is just topical application unlike surgery. “Our treatment may seem simple since it just takes a little scratching of the skin for faster and more efficient absorption of the cream to the skin and the application of the cream,” shared Richard B. Dela Cruz, RCC Amazing Touch President.

He further explained that the herbal cream effectively cauterizes and removes the skin outgrowths without pain or relatively painless as what Mr. Dela Cruz calls it. He added that the cauterized skin outgrowth will naturally falls off after three to five days.

“The treatment is almost similar to electrocautery wherein the skin outgrowth was cauterized or sinusunog para matanggal. The only and most glaring difference is that we use herbal cream to cauterize the outgrowth that is why we also call the treatment as herbal cautery.”

Mr. Dela Cruz further explained that although there are other treatment options like cryotherapy or the freezing of the outgrowth, electrocautery or the use of low electric pulses and surgery, RCC’s herbal cautery is more cost-effective.

He also discussed the advantages of the going for a herbal cautery instead of electrocautery or surgery, especially on big moles, warts and genital warts. “When going for a surgical procedure, you will need to remove part of the healthy skin around the mole. This could b problematic for big moles located in sensitive areas like moles near the eyes or tip of the nose. So, for such cases, herbal cautery is the best treatment option.”

For your inquiries, send a message at https://www.facebook.com/RCCAmazingTouch/ or call 0922-884-3130. Who knows, they might give you great discounts!


  1. How much is the mole removal?


    Badet Siazon Reply:

    It depends on the size of the mole. They have free consultation and assessment at their clinics.


  2. Michelle Marcadejas says

    How much is the Rcc topical herbal cream for warts and skin tags?


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