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Here I am again, creating an online buzz about my online shop that sells fashion accessories. Sales these past few months are kind of slow. Maybe because competition is stiff nowadays with a lot of online shops sprouting not only in Multiply but also in Facebook. I still refuse to migrate selling in Facebook because Facebook for me, is more of a personal account and I reckon this is also the case for others. So I’m happy with my current online shop in Multiply and swore to myself that I will not tag my friends in Facebook about my wares. I’ll just find other ways in increasing my sales without being too pushy and with a code of ethics in mind.

One way to promote my online shop, Pink Fortune, is through classifieds. Just like including our blogs in link directories, listing our online shops in different classifieds and directories will make it more visible to prospective customers and buyers. It’s also free so there’s nothing to lose, just hardwork and patience because creating and posting classifieds can be quite tedious especially when manually entering the details. But I promise, you’ll gain a sale/s from these listings. I once read that in sales, one must not stop marketing his/her products.

Aside from promotion, being ahead and up to date of the latest trends in fashion especially accessories is a must. I learned that being the first to offer new items gives me an edge to other competitors. So I try my best to make my merchandise fresh weekly. Of course, prices should always be affordable and reasonable, times are hard and sellers also need to reach out for their buyers by making prices low. One last thing, word-of-mouth is still a good way of promotion so being friendly and accomodating through texts, emails and site inquiries is a must.

I may not be a pro but these simple suggestions will surely give a sale. I hope sales will soar up to us sellers, and while I’m at it, I shall look for affordable vacation rentals too in case I reach my target. And maybe some land for sale as an additional investment.

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